(b.  1973) San Jose, Costa Rica
Incredible attention to the details and color of the natural world.
Maintains a studio in Chile and in Central Florida.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director


(b.  1940) Czechoslovakia - emigrated USA 1969
Vibrant palette and textural vibrance - Art that entices and commands attention
Widely exhibited and collected in US & Internationally
  1. Dluhos
  2. Dluhos
  3. Dluhos
  4. Dluhos
  1. Dluhos
  2. Managing Director
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stephen harlan

Meticulously rendered transporting compositions creating a magical mood,
 suspended in time - space - the imagination
Original + Hand signed/numbered limited editions
Exhibitions across United States & Europe
  1. Harlan
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  3. Harlan
  4. Harlan
  5. Harlan
  6. Harlan
  7. Harlan
  8. Harlan
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Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. 

   Attended the Toledo Museum of Art.

    A full time Artist painting with Acrylic, Oil and Texture mostly on canvas.
    Her style of work is Abstract, believing that paintings should create questions in ones mind and allow the imagination to go further beyond the visual aspect.  

  1. Kozlow
  2. Kozlow
  3. Kozlow
  4. Kozlow
  5. Kozlow
  6. Kozlow
  7. Kozlow
  8. Kozlow


(b.  1961) Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine – resides Prague, Czech Republic.
Timeless delicate beauties and phantom landscapes classically painted,
with colors that seduce the senses and radiate mystery
Exhibited widely in Eastern Europe & Internationally
  1. Laboda
  2. Laboda
  3. Laboda


Self-made Peruvian artist & grandnephew of French painter Paul Gauguin
Mastery of technique and material passionately depicting nature & human form
International representation in Paris, Tokyo, Holland, LA, Naples


"Kaata" Mrachek

"ABSTRACT INTERPRETATION OF NATURE'S BEAUTY that's what lures me into the studio constantly! My quest is to capture the essence of a subject, mostly landscape and botanicals." 

"I work on primed board, not canvas, because it is a hard surface against the plaster knife and pool trowel I use to get the milieu of affects that make for a good abstract one that keeps the viewer coming back for another provocative drink time and again."

CLASSICALLY TRAINED in fine art with a B.A. from U.C. Santa Cruz.
  1. Mrachek
  2. Mrachek
  3. Mrachek

Andras manajlo

(b.  1970) Subcarpathia region Eastern Europe
Impeccable technique -  Emotionally evocative colors, movement, texture, and shape
 Fusing classical & modern, flatness & texture – Personal biography meets movement
  1. Manajlo
  2. Manajlo
  3. Manaylo
  4. Managing Director


Born in Hanover, Germany.  Resides in Naples, Florida.

Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC
Featured Artist in Exhibitions throughout the World..
  1. Miller
  2. Miller
  3. Miller
  4. Miller
  5. Miller
  6. Miller
  7. Miller
  8. Miller


This Section highlights the works 

of various Artists from around the world, both living and dead.

A beautiful offering of quality Art...
  1. Dzigurski
  2. Zampogna
  3. He
  4. Rambert
  5. Managing Director