1. Antoine Blanchard
    Antoine Blanchard
    "Strolling on the Champs-Elysées" 24x30 - oil on canvas
  2. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Alberi Danzanti" 19x20 - oil on metal
  3. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Cruising" 16x18 - oil on metal
  4. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Ancestors" 36x18 - oil on canvas
  5. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Dieci Cavalli" 40x30 - oil on canvas
  6. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Formazione" 48x36 - oil on metal
  7. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Emerald Retreat" 36x48 - acrylic on canvas
  8. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Luca De Golfo" 14x15 - oil on metal
  9. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Miraggio" 46x60 - mixed media on canvas
  10. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Happy Family" 12x16 [20x24] - oil on metal
  11. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Riuniti" 24x30 - oil on canvas
  12. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "Beach Shower" 40x30 - giclée aluminum edition of 250
  13. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "Blue Mist" 38x40 - canvas giclée edition of 100
  14. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "Bonefish Bay" 36x48 - giclée aluminum edition of 250
  15. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "First Light" 30x40 - giclée canvas edition of 100
  16. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "Jody's Place" 24x32 - giclée aluminum edition of 250
  17. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "Midnight" 36x48 - giclée aluminum edition of 250
  18. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "Poolside" 30x40 - giclée aluminum edition of 250
  19. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "Southern Trade Winds" 24x32 - giclée aluminum edition of 250
  20. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "The Look Out" 36x38 - giclée canvas edition of 100
  21. Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    "The Other Side" 12x18 - giclée aluminum edition of 250
  22. Ou Chujian
    Ou Chujian
    "Beach" 18x24 - oil on canvas
  23. Ou Chujian
    Ou Chujian
    "Creek" 24x36 - oil on canvas
  24. Ou Chujian
    Ou Chujian
    "Dance" 20x24 [23x27] - oil on canvas
  25. Ou Chujian
    Ou Chujian
    "Front of Cabin" 30x24 [33x27] - oil on canvas
  26. Ou Chujian
    Ou Chujian
    "Soft Wine" 30x24 [36x30] - oil on canvas
  27. Vito Loli
    Vito Loli
    "Pintor Tango" triptych 3@40x53 - oil on canvas
  28. Andre Dluhos - Sold
    Andre Dluhos - Sold
    Sold "After the Rain" 24x24 - oil on canvas
  29. Andre Dluhos
    Andre Dluhos
    "Beginning of a New Day" 14x19 [25x30] limited edition 7/100
  30. Andre Dluhos
    Andre Dluhos
    "Bright Lights Big City" 14x19 [25x30] limited edition 7/100
  31. Andre Dluhos
    Andre Dluhos
    "Court Jester" 14x19 [25x30] limited edition 7/100
  32. Andre Dluhos
    Andre Dluhos
    "Plaza San Marco" 22x28 - oil on canvas
  33. Andras Manajlo
    Andras Manajlo
    "Evening Lights on St. Marks Square" 36x36 - oil on canvas
  34. "Sold"
    "Sold" 16x24 - oil on canvas
  35. "Sold"
    "Gift with Blue Hat" 14x20 - oil on canvas
  36. Angelika Privalikhina
    Angelika Privalikhina
    "Flamenco" 25.5x47 - oil on canvas
  37. Angelika Privalikhina
    Angelika Privalikhina
    "Gift" 23.5x31- oil on canvas
  38. "Sold"
    "Maria in Eastern Attire" 17.5x23.5 - oil on canvas
  39. Phil Saxon
    Phil Saxon
    "The Golden Scarf" 30x40 - oil on canvas
  40. Phil Saxon
    Phil Saxon
    "The Renaissance Woman" 30x40 - oil on canvas
  41. Sergey Piskunov
    Sergey Piskunov
    "City of Pink Sakura" 24x31 - oil on canvas
  42. Sergey Piskunov
    Sergey Piskunov
    "A Bouquet of Lilacs" 31x31 - oil on canvas
  43. "Sold"
    "Sold" 28x20 - oil on canvas
  44. Sergey Piskunov
    Sergey Piskunov
    "Still Life w Wine & Pomegranates" 14x20 - oil on canvas
  45. Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson
    "For All the Days Stolen" 39x39 - oil on canvas
  46. Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson
    "Zurich II" 50x46 - oil on canvas
  47. Gordon Thomas Burke
    Gordon Thomas Burke
    "Untitled" 20x27 gouache & ink on paper
  48. "Sold"
    "All Things in Nines" 30x40 gouache & ink on paper
  49. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Carnival a Napa" 16x24 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  50. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Wannabe" 14x22 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  51. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Whimsical Seduction" 34 x 34 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  52. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Mouse Karma" 14x22 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  53. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Plums in Plastic" 16x20 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  54. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Rosso Finito" 25x30 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  55. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Serendipity" 29x36 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  56. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Last Supper" 22x88 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  57. Dario Campanile
    Dario Campanile
    "Tulipani Gialli" 26x22 - Limited Edition giclee canvas print
  58. Michael Cheval
    Michael Cheval
    "Love is Blind" 24x30 Limited Edition on canvas
  59. Sabina
    "Sunflowers" 30x40 - acrylic on canvas
  60. Sabina
    "Roses" 36x24 - acrylic on canvas
  61. Sabina
    "Poppies" 24x48 - acrylic on canvas
  62. Michael Rozenvain
    Michael Rozenvain
    "Bistro Stroll" 30x48 - acrylic on canvas
  63. Aleksandra Savina
    Aleksandra Savina
    "Rainy Paris" 30x40 - acrylic on canvas
  64. "Sold"
    "Rainy Stroll" 24x48 - acrylic on canvas
  65. Aleksandra Savina
    Aleksandra Savina
    "Sunday in Paris" 24x48 - acrylic on canvas
  66. Michael Rozenvain
    Michael Rozenvain
    "Afternoon Bistro" 24x48 - acrylic on canvas
  67. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Golden Gate Bridge" 20x26
  68. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Waiting" 10x20
  69. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Sunkissed Shore" 48x48
  70. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Regatta" 36x36
  71. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Blue Bliss" 16x20
  72. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Abstract Sail" 12x12
  73. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Fusion" 48x60
  74. Sandee Kozlow
    Sandee Kozlow
    "Across the Water" 20x24
  75. Gisela Miller
    Gisela Miller
  76. Gisela Miller
    Gisela Miller
    "Aware of the Chaos" 16x18
  77. Gisela Miller
    Gisela Miller
    "Moonlight Series" 21x29
  78. Gisela Miller
    Gisela Miller
    Meditation IV 36x36
  79. Gisela Miller
    Gisela Miller
    Meditation III 36x36
  80. Gisela Miller
    Gisela Miller
    "Dawn" 60x44
  81. Alexander Dzigurski
    Alexander Dzigurski
    "Rolling Tempest" 24x36 oil on canvas
  82. Dino Zampogna
    Dino Zampogna
    "Grand Canal" 23x28 (35x38) oil on canvas
  83. Jason He
    Jason He
    "Impressions of Venice" 40x30 (47x38) oil on canvas
  84. Rene Rambert
    Rene Rambert
    "View of Paris" 12x16 (18x22) oil on board
  85. Artist Unknown
    Artist Unknown
    "Tuscan Garden" 48x64 oil on canvas
  86. Andrew Manaylo
    Andrew Manaylo
    "Floral Fantasy" 18x36 oil on canvas